i should be paid for this

the Argos catalog in all its glory
Since we arrived in Dublin, the helpful Irish people have been telling me to go to the Argos store for whatever I was looking for. Need a stand alone towel rack? Try Argos. Hair dryer with diffuser? Go to Argos. What about a full-length mirror, a toothbrush, and a duvet cover? Argos!

We finally found our way to the Jervis Shopping Center and wandered the mall for half an hour looking for the place. I was imagining a WalMart-sized monstrosity so I was surprised when we found the tiny little shop in the corner of the mall. To my delight, I learned that Argos is a catalog store. That means all they have are 30 stands with catalogs open, you find what you want in the catalog, type the numbers into an ATM-type machine, pay with your card, and magically your items come bouncing in on a conveyer belt. The Argos employees put your stuff together at the pick-up window and check to make sure you got everything. What I am trying to explain is that Argos is genius—pure genius. Instead of wandering the store getting tired and cranky and spending $100 by the time you walk out (Target) you get what you came for in less than 15 minutes. Not only that but if they are out of stock, they will send a text message alert to your phone as soon as it arrives so you can pick it up at your convenience.
like IKEA but less walking involved
In conclusion, I took an Argos catalogue home and it’s my new favorite book. Bow down, Target, bow down.


  1. Man that catalog looks so fun... I remember being also very confused at the humungous building it was in and the tiny 'waiting room'.


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