happy heart day

hubs and i all gussied up

Call me crazy, but I love Valentine's Day. I like all the typical things: getting dressed up, going out for dinner, drinking champagne with chocolate, sappy greeting cards...the whole deal. I have no problem with the cliché of it all. If Hallmark made up this holiday, then good for them. I think they did a fine job.

As for hubs & I, we really enjoyed our first Valentine's Day in Ireland. I even found out that Saint Valentine lives in Dublin. I mean he is dead...but his bones are here in Dublin at a church on Whitefriar Street near Temple Bar. Maybe I should visit him and tell him thanks?

a bottle of cava, strawberry creme caterpillars, a red rose, + chocolate hearts

handsome hubs

nummies at Pearl Brasserie-Upper Merrion St, Dublin 2

fish tanks in the wall! i ate Cousin Salmon right in front of them. HA!

our attempt at self-portrait