teddy bear hospital

the dollstore-George's Street, Dublin 2

I know what you are thinking. Who took that amazing photograph? If you knew that I took the picture whilst riding my bike down the opposite side of the street, you would be pretty impressed. Well I didn't because I don't own a bicycle. Just get over it.

I took this picture because The Dollstore is an amazing place and I've never heard of anything like it before in the world. Most people know it as the 'teddy bear hospital'. You can't possibly make it out through the blur, but the sign says "The Dolls Hospital & The Teddy Bears Clinic". You can take your old teddy bears there and they will refurbish them with new eyes and limbs and stuffing! Isn't that adorable? 

Yeah I thought so too until I went to their website. I have learned that apart from repairing normal childhood toys like teddy bears and dolls, they sell these creepy things. I once saw a documentary about people like that. Right? RIGHT?!