i can haz curry?

I've always cooked 'ethnic' food at home. Being from California, Mexican tacos and burritos have been on the dinner table since I was a kid. Lasagna, pasta, and pizza are staples in the American diet for sure. In college I tried my hand at home-rolled Japanese sushi. In Minnesota I  bought a giant stone mortar + pestal for som thum Thai and made sweet coconut curries. I made fresh Vietnamese spring rolls with daikon radishes and peanut dipping sauce. Once I even whipped up Polish pirogies with my friend Ilsa--sour cream dough and all. I am no stranger to ethnic cooking but there is always something to learn. 

Every country has its tasty treats and if there is one type of food that I am learning to cook exclusively in Ireland, it is Indian food. On Gordon Ramsey's contest Best Restaurant, G told me that curry holds the title for the UK's favorite food. On Jamie Oliver's 30 Minute Meals he makes an entire meal around lamb rogan josh. Even the chippers (late-night take away restaurants) have curry chips on the menu. I suck at baking I have yet to add homemade naan to my repertoire but so far I've got a pretty mean vegetable curry that I can adjust with seasonal vegetables and my clove-scented rice is on-point.

BTW curry chips + cheese = heaven