via New York Times' Dublin Travel Guide

pink peppercorn coriander parmesan fries at joburger. 

thai green curry sweet potato burger: drool.

I have to take a 5 minute bus to get down to Rathmines, a neighborhood just south of city centre. I've managed more than a few visits. Except for the class on how to make a proper mojito at the fake Honduran place, every trip has been about eating at Jo'Burger. Aside from the crazy good food, I think I like it because the place reminds me of Minneapolis. There is a DJ pumping indie/dance hits, the walls are covered in street art style murals, and it's positively full of aloof hipsters. Probably a turn-off to most but to me it feels like a little slice of home--a cross between the Triple Rock, Bryant Lake Bowl, and the Acadia. Not too many places in Dublin that give off the dive vibe so I have learned to cherish it.

After eating my delicious veggie burger and more than my fair share of those fries, hubs and I decided it would be best to walk home. Rathmines seems like a hip place to explore and the walk down George/Aungier/Wexford/Camden is probably my favorite stretch of road in the city. File that away for next time I'm bored and have a day to kill.

Lower Rathmines Road, Dublin 6

Adventuretime with Finn & Jake--wiggly noodle arms and all. anyone?