trip to carlow

good friend
good laughs

My friend Rachel has been up to Dublin more times than I'd like to admit and this week I finally got around to returning the favor. Carlow is about an hour south of Dublin and there is a cheap bus that took me on a gorgeous, winding trip through all the little towns along the way. We made some nice dinner, got our fill of girl talk, and then headed to a house party and dancing at a club called the Foundry with her friends from class.

We recalled our crazy nights in San Diego and the few months in the summer of 2005 when we were living and working together. I wish I could explain the warm fuzzy feeling I got hearing old nicknames after so many years! I am thankful to have those genuine friends you can talk about anything with. The rare ones who pick up right where you left off. 

this kid said he hated Americans so i made sure to bug him

remains of the killer chocolate birthday cake we shared

dont know her but i liked her dress so this is for shopping posterity