in the works

Thanks to the DETI, I am scrapping my plans to obtain a work permit.

The job I attempted was well within the guidelines of their department and I was still denied. I seriously doubt if the Irish government is issuing work permits to anybody at this point. It took me 7 months to find a company willing to fill out the application! I may still look casually, and certainly will limit my search to multinational corporations for better chances. I also seriously doubt my stamina to complete another work permit application only to be denied. Especially if it's outside of the non-profit sector. It's a lot of work for something that I am not passionate about... seems that if I am going to remain in Ireland past next May, I must become a student. I guess part of the adventure is when life decisions are made for you? I have always planned on getting my Masters here in Ireland--just not this soon. Moving that plan up by a year is going to take some extra work. In the meantime, I've jumped into action and will find out more along the way.

I have already spoken with deans of post-grad programs at All Hallows College, UCD, and DCU. I have one more meeting scheduled for tomorrow morning. Deadlines for applications are the end of May. I haven't figured out the details yet but I am going to put my applications in before it is too late and make the big decisions after that. What whirlwind!

Thanks to my work with a microfinance institution in the US, I am looking at Social Justice and Public Policy programs here in Ireland. My hope is to end up in the public transportation field but nothing I've seen is very specific. Still, every program requires a dissertation. Maybe I can base my research around transport and work it into my education that way? So many things to iron out at this point: A little scared. A little excited. A little unsure.