obama block party

this is the closest i got. the star-spangled glitter hat.

Today I went to see Obama's speech at College Green with 100,000 others. The speech was much like his presidency--incredibly inspiring...and yet a couple of things made me feel uncomfortable. Lots of references to him being 'Irish' and him 'coming home'. Odd, considering he's further removed from his Irish relative than most. On the flip side, lots of credit given to the Irish for American accomplishments. As an American I understand our obsession with heritage but does B give the same credit to every country he visits? Does he speak that way to the Mexican people?

I am obviously a grouch. Overall it was a good speech! B spoke a little Irish, mentioned the pint he drank, made a few adorable jokes, and encouraged everybody to focus on a bright future. Sounds cheesy but coming out of his mouth it was beautiful and it seemed everybody was impressed. Something about that halted speech pattern makes every moment meaningful, am I right?

Irish Taoiseach Enda Kenny managed to confuse me, inviting people from around the world to 'follow Obama and come home' to Ireland. This, from the man in charge of a government who just denied me a work permit. Dont invite people if you can't support them, please. He also announced that if anyone questioned whether Ireland was important, then today was their answer. If I were Irish, alluding to the idea that Ireland garners its importance through acknowledgement by actually important countries would leave me a bit miffed. Still, he did look handsome and made nice wavy motions with his arm. You done good, Enda, you done good.

looking west on dame street

east towards the speech location

enthusiastic secondary school kids

Even with a 3.5 hour wait to get in, not getting closer and having to watch the whole thing on a large screen half a block away, U2 not showing up, completely missing Jedward whilst in the queue, AND not joining B and Michelle onstage as we had planned, I enjoyed the day. B's speech made me be proud to be an American. Wow, that sounded really redneck.

for awhile the river was completely blocked off--no access to the southside.

so i walked all the way to fishamble street

and got in this queue

irish + american flags flew side-by-side

lots of shoving from 2pm-5pm. i moved about one block.

they outlawed umbrellas, flags, backpacks, and beverages so stuff was abandoned 

more standstill in front of city hall.

right about here is where i missed jedward

B arrived in his helicopter

had to empty pockets, walk through a metal detector, and get swiped with wands

halfway down dame street there was a large screen. westlife performed?!

right so maybe i'll just watch from here

enda kenny looking handsome in a lime tie, michelle + B in the background

B O'Bama working his magic, kissing ginger kids, taking names