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 Happy Halloween! Hubs and I went to a Yelp party at a pub near our house. At the last minute I decided to dress up and put together a pretty good Pirate Lady outfit from my closet. What do you think?

At the pub they gave us chunks of cheese, apples, and free Lithuanian beer. I had a white unfiltered ale and it was lovely. Then they played scary monster music and showed freaky horror videos on the wall. Ew. We ended up making friends with two guys dressed as Marty McFly and Dr. Who--which is a British TV show that I have never seen but everybody else in the world has. Including husband. I am a clueless American. At the party we also made friends with a Dane. I forget his name but he said to call him The Dane so I did. The Great Dane bought us a sleeve of digestive biscuits from the corner store to eat with our cheese. Thanks The Great Dane!
O'Byrne's Beverage House-Dublin 1
Our goodie bag to take home was a Svyturys (say "SVIT-er-is" it sounds like another word) bottle and a pilsner glass with the logo. If you want to see their website, just hit TAIP which must be YES in Lithuanian if you are over 18.

After the party we went home and I decided to go next door to Neighbor Dave's house. ND has the distinction of being our next door neighbor and the only other person in our building who will speak to me. I am friendly to other people in the hall but they all avoid eye contact and run away. I think Neighbor Dave likes us because he plays baseball and, as Americans, we should appreciate that. Unfortunately for ND neither myself or hubs cares much about professional sports teams unless it is a world championship of some sort. Still, he likes us. ND was having his own Halloween party and although hubby thought it would be awkward, I decided to attend. I could see a bunch of girls and I wanted to make friends so I took the souvenir beer as an offering and crashed the party.

I am proud to report that I talked politics with a group of Danish girls, learned to say some horrible things in Finnish, and then befriended another group of Fins that became my good friends for the night. Did you know 99.9% of Finnish and Danish women are named Annie? They are. Sadly most of my new friends were just here on vacation so I might not see them again. At least I got the chance to be extremely socially outgoing for one night.

Awkward moment when I met a particularly obnoxious Finnish guy at the party: He asked where I was from and I said 'the United States'. He then exclaimed, "But you aren't fat!?" I couldn't decide if I should hug him or poke him in the eye so I just glared at him ambiguously. Later I got revenge as he rattled off a list of the most famous Finnish people on earth and I hadn't heard of a single one. So there.


  1. Dr Who should be your rite of passage into Irish life... especially when Tom Baker was the Doctor in the late 70s. It should be on the telly with some regularity, except you don't have one... I have a special place in my heart for it

  2. We dont have a telly because we dont want to pay the Telly License Tax of €160 per annum. Ew.


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