monday monday can't trust that day

more Christmas at Jervis Centre

I have another interview! This time it's a phone interview. It could be a good sign: I am one of hundreds of applicants and they thought I was promising enough to speak to on the phone and usher through to the next round. It could be a bad sign: It's easier to dismiss a person when they don't actually show up in your office. Either scenario, I will be on the phone tomorrow at 1:30pm to interview for a software Trainer position with a local WCMS company that also has offices in the UK and Cambridge, Mass. Wish me luck!

In other news, we invited our friends Meagan and Ian over for Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday night. Today I am going to Jervis Centre to the Tesco so we can shop for the most Thanksgiving-type food we can find in Ireland. I am thinking we can scrounge up turkey, potatoes (duh!) and green beans. I am afraid of making stuffing. Should make another attempt at cooking fresh pumpkin for a homemade pie? Would I be so bold?

My essential Thanksgiving food is the canned cranberry sauce by Ocean Spray. Ever since I was a little girl at Grandma & Grandpa's house in Redlands, proper cranberry came in giant circular slices with ridges along the edge. It is my absolute favorite and I have come to dislike real cranberry sauce. Thanks to MIL I had a can from the U.S. but I accidentally ate it the other day for dinner--oops! If you had to choose one Thanksgiving food that you cant live without, what would it be?