fashion news

After seeing the Coming Soon signs and reading all the articles since September, Forever 21 has finally arrived. It's located in the Jervis Centre two blocks away from my house. I thought I'd swing by this morning and see if I could find any 'girls night out' clothes. All up and down the street you can see happy girls swinging their yellow logo-ed bags to show the world they've now been shopping in the new store from America. It's the first Forever 21 in all of Ireland.

The first thing I noticed was the crowd. The sheer amount of people in the store was ridiculous. I could hardly get in the door but as soon as I did, I was surrounded by fourteen-year-old boys and girls with their parents in tow snatching up clothes as if they were at a bridal trunk sale. I could hardly walk and started scanning for a quick exit. Second I grabbed a couple of price tags and noticed the prices are a little higher than back home at the Mall of America. It's not a bad strategy for a new store with that much buzz but kind of a rip-off. I'll have to wait to shop until the novelty wears off a bit more. I finally gawked at the massive line in front of checkout and got the hell out of there. Céad mile fáilte Forever 21!
 "cashwrap" = checkout counters
"céad mile fáilte" = a hundred thousand welcomes