couch potato

where all the magic happens
I'm sitting on the couch right now roasting winter vegetables in the oven. It's starting to smell nice. There are rutabaga (is that word plural?), carrots, and parsnips. I bought them in a winter veg mix from Tesco for about €1. I can't wait until they are mushy and I can eat lunch. In the meantime, how about another Irish vocab lesson? Here are some odds and ends that I haven't mentioned yet:

"the head on him" = will you look at him, usually said to make fun of someone
"feck" = nicer than the other one, used copiously; similar to dang vs. damn
"fanny" = lady bits--NOT the 'booty' as I originally thought
 "tea towels" = real towels that you use in the kitchen
"pants" = undies, although I can't stop saying it
"trousers" = what we Americans call pants
"kitchen towels" = paper towel rolls
 "slag" = to make fun of someone
"snog" = to kiss
"lovely" = nice
"grand" = great
"garda" = police
"till" = cash register
"brilliant" = awesome
"revise" = to study, as in revising for exams
"dear" = expensive, as in 'the vegetables I'm about to eat weren't very dear'
"tuck in" = eat/dig in, as in 'I will now tuck into these delicious smelling vegetables'
"yer man/woman" = that guy/lady over there, as in 'yer man at the till winked at me'