happy birthday hubby

ebony & mahogany

Here is a handsome picture of the birthday boy with his gifts! Doesn't he look happy? I gave him a mod-looking black ebony Peterson pipe made right here in Dublin. It has a spigot and a filter. I dont know much about pipes but it looks cool. Hubby's other gift is a beautiful mahogany guitar. We found it at a shop called the Guitar Centre (no relation to the American store) in Temple Bar. It's nice to hear hubs playing music in the house again--it feels a little more like home in here. If you need any instruments like guitars or banjos, definitely go to that shop. They are extremely nice and let me take anything off the wall and play it without giving me sideways glances.

dinner at Bruno's-Temple Bar, Dublin 2
After spending the afternoon playing guitar, we went to dinner at Bruno's Restaurant. I had fettuccine alla pescatore and hubs had the lamb chops and soup. It was a lovely dinner date and a good suggestion by our friends. We also found out that Bruno's has a burrito bar next door. As odd as it sounds for a nice restaurant to run a burrito bar, I will probably try it soon. Feta cheese vegetarian burrito? Why not.
chili sauce on this app: nom nom nom 

Tunisian baklava and peach tea for dessert