coolest place in dublin

ready to go to the library
My friend Rachel came to visit on Saturday and it was charming. A good beginning to a long weekend so thankfully there was fun before the storm. We made homemade pizzas, she introduced me to a delicious berry drink--a favorite among the Irish kiddies--Ribena, and then we discovered the coolest pub in the entire city. Hubby had been wanting to try out this place called the Library Bar for a couple of weeks now. Something about it just didn't seem like a very happening place...the name obviously. So I avoided it. Well we were a little tired in the end so it seemed right.

The bar is on the first floor of the Central Hotel (that's the 2nd floor to all us Americans since in Ireland they start counting at zero!) so it's quite intimidating to go upstairs. You have to walk past the hotel reception and it seems off-limits to the public. We were brave and made it through to the pub, which to our delight was a cozy little nook full of elegant claw-footed chairs and the walls lined with hardbound books. The vibe is relaxed and the air hums with voices. A place where you can enjoy a delicious glass of wine and actually hold a conversation with your company is tough to find these days. Hubby, Rachel, and I sat in our puffy paisley chairs and talked the night away about philosophy, wild times in San Diego together, and theorizing about life and love. All of a sudden it was 2am and the night was over. What an enchanting way to spend a Saturday!