making a mountain

...out of a molehill...

...of Kleenex! Ugh.
OJ, Earl Grey, and Magical Tissues
My box of tissues says that "independent laboratory tests proved these Anti Viral Tissues killed 99% of cold and flu viruses in the tissue in less than 15 minutes". Does that mean that 15 minutes after my last use, a healthy person could jump in--and roll around amongst--my snotty mountain of tissue balls? That's disgusting.


  1. How about your own "Trading Places" show? You would be a great host or designer (both). Do they have it in Dublin? Ali, you're so great. Make up your own job. I have been nursing a head cold for over a week now. Hope you're feeling better. Looks like you'll at least get a book out of this. Love your writing!

  2. Tell me if you know any publishers ;)


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