Monday, October 25, 2010

pumkin muffins

split pumpkin in half with gigantic knife

So Ireland doesn't believe in Thanksgiving, ergo Ireland doesn't believe in Libby's canned pumpkin with the spices already mixed in. Fail. I was getting a craving for pumpkin-flavored baked goods and after visiting 6 grocery stores I decided to do it the Amish way--with a real pumpkin. This pumpkin was originally meant for children to carve for fun on Halloween. I bought it at Tesco for €2. I found the muffin recipe here, the roasted seeds recipe here, and the pumpkin-preparation instructions here. It takes 1.5 hours in the oven to soften the pumpkin meat, which is a complete joke. I recommend the microwave. This is the saga of the pumpkin muffins.
scoop out seeds with your fingers (ew) and put in a colander

be very scared of the pumpkin

wash away the goopy mess part

stop being immature and clean out the pulp

put the seeds on a pan and shoot with spray oil, s+p, and chili powder. eat.

stick pumpkin chunks (after peeling & microwaving) in bowl.
wrestle with immersion blender until smooth.

add other ingredients and stir.
do not sift the flour, pre-mix wet ingredients, or other time wasters.

eat some raw batter to make sure it's tasty
bake them in the oven. smell the smells.

poke with a fork to make sure they are done and also ugly. let cool.

voila! now you have 12 muffins that you will eat in one sitting.
I forgot to mention that these muffins include chocolate chips. Apparently Ireland doesn't believe in chocolate chips either so I bought a Dairy Milk bar and had hubby turn it into chunks by hitting it repeatedly with a serving spoon. This resulted in holes, chocolate all over the carpet, and some very delicious muffins. Big chunks are OK in this case.