manna from heaven

glory to God in the highest and peace to his green-sauce-loving people on earth
LOOK WHAT CAME IN THE MAIL! MIL and FIL came through in a big way today. Not only did I get five whole bottles of Yucateco Green Sauce but they came with a giant sheet of bubble wrap. Double Awesome.

color-coordinated tea towel & green hot sauce décor

Oh and there was some kind of gift for hubby in there. I think it's his birthday or something. I didn't pay too much attention because at the time I was throwing the hot sauce bottles on the floor so I could roll around in them. 

I kid, I kid. What do you think I should plan for hubby's birthday? I am trying to come up with ideas. We only have only two real friends in Dublin so having people over would be odd. His birthday is on the 2nd and we might celebrate next Saturday since this week is probably Halloween parties and such.