loathesome, detestable ticket man

this line + 7am + wrapped around the block on all four sides = holy crap
Today sucked. We spent an entire day at this office--over SIX HOURS waiting in line. I will explain more later but suffice it to say the Garda National Immigration Bureau is inefficient and incompetent even by government bureaucracy standards. I also have beef with one of their power-hungry employees. I'll call him Ticket Man and he is an obnoxious, flippant, and apathetic man that should lose his job for the inhumane way he treats people. I experienced it myself and I saw him treat others with complete disrespect. I feel horrible for those whose lack of English caused them to walk away without getting the answers they needed.

I am livid that a government employee treats people as if they have no worth and indignant that he would not give me a straight answers until I refused to move out of the way and was holding up traffic in his line. I finally got the answer I was looking for but shame on him for keeping information from me and shame on the GNIB for keeping him employed. I would write a complaint letter today if I thought it wouldn't somehow come back to bite me in the end. I am confident that people like him get what is coming to them...

this does not surprise me