woe is me

no more green sauce
Today I ran out of green sauce. It is Yucateco brand green habanero hot sauce and measures at 9,000 Scoville units on the heat scale. That means it is DELICIOUS multiplied by a factor of 9,000. Nine-thousand-times-delicious is extremely delicious. I used to order it by the case from La Cosecha Imports at the Midtown Global Market. They imported it from Mexico and they would sell me 30 bottles at a time. I developed a very healthy addiction and I am sad to say that today I used the very last drop in my lunch of Asian noodle soup.

Green sauce is my absolute favorite condiment--just ahead of guacamole. I only had room to bring two bottles of green sauce with me to Ireland (thanks MIL!) and I was very judicious with my use of green sauce. Only two bottles in a month and a half? Unheard of.

Unfortunately, Ireland doesn't believe in hot sauce. The Irish believe in potatoes and cabbage and other innocent things. I have been looking for a suitable replacement since we got here but with the sad state of the Mexican food situation in Dublin I know there isn't much hope. I found a fancy-pants grocery store that carries a red sauce made from Scotch Bonnet peppers but it is a poor substitute. Alas, it is done. Commence sobbing.