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sick sad world

Today I was sick. I almost wrote "stayed home sick" but what am I staying home from? Exactly. I sat on the couch bundled in blankets most of the day.

I did complete six job applications though. That felt excellent. Productive. Hopeful.

One of the applications was a 10-page mammoth form I had to fill out and re-format on my computer. I think it's a new trend to have ridiculously long application forms because it was not the first. They state in the job post that regular CVs will not be accepted and applications are only accepted in this special format. Then they basically ask for all the information in my CV, rip it apart, put it back together in an oddly illogical format, and then have me turn it in. It's completely pointless as far as I can tell; a total waste of time. They actually remove the ability to copy + paste. I think it's a last ditch effort to weed out the less-committed of the applicants because each one takes 2-3 hours to finish correctly. If I dont get one of these jobs I just might go insane. Logical, intelligent people should not be asked to do these things.


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  2. Ali, enjoy this time off. You are exactly where you are meant to be. Before you know it, you'll be busy working and longing for time off. Work will find you. You are so talented and valuable.


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