culture shock

chilled wine at the grocery store. sold by the glass. seriously.
 There are little things throughout my day that, as an American, I just have to chuckle at. I dont know if they are actual cultural differences or merely a difference in opinion between myself and the wholesale purchasing agent at the Marks & Spencer grocery store. Still, they do give me a good laugh. I'd like to think it's my little bit of "craic" for the day.
"craic" = fun, entertainment, or enjoyable conversation
On that note, craic is pronounced "crack" and I enjoy a little bit of craic every day. See what I mean?:
because it looked delicious? not because i'm immature.
For your information, spotted dick pudding is a spongy bread pudding with shriveled currants (those are the babies of raisins) and Christmas-like spices.
actually quite tasty. thought of buying it for company but i'd never say it out loud.