out of my comfort zone

clockwise from top left: insane fried rice, outrageous chili prawns, incredible coconut topping for putting on everything, screaming hot homemade chili sauce, totally mediocre salad, best calamari of my life, and super yummy noodles.
seeing that you are closed, i'll just take a snapshot and return at a later date. good day.
Today I experimented with a shimmery green eyeshadow I found in the bottom of my makeup bag as well as parted my hair on the opposite side in a very extreme way. As a reward I was taken out to dinner for amazing Indonesian food, saw an amazing play called Diciembre by Chilean playwright Guillermo Calderón (more intense than you can imagine), and discovered an incredible mid-century furniture store. Did you know a play can be in Spanish with English subtitles? That's what you get when you push yourself beyond the comfort zone folks!


  1. I will start wearing shimmery green eyeshadow and see what rewards I get...


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