suzie homemaker

food photography is so unappetizing: sun-dried tomato, basil, and cheddar biscuits.
I still have no job. Of every three applications I send out, I generally receive one rejection letter within two weeks of the application deadline--sometimes later. They come by email and some even come by snail mail which is called "the post". I have to admit the rejection letters are always encouraging and generally wish me luck in my search. At this point I have a lot of luck saved up. Apparently I am "highly qualified" and almost always in competition with at least "a pool of 100 applicants". I like to think I am often #2 in line rather than #99.

For a majority of the jobs, I never hear anything at all though. One application even set a date: "Due to the high volume of applications, only accepted applicants will be contacted. If you have not heard anything within 6 weeks of the deadline, you can assume your application was passed over." Six whole weeks?! Surely, you jest.

Besides, it's difficult to check in on those positions and decipher who is silently rejecting me and/or forgot to send a note. I'm already working on a new application with a new deadline so why look back and spend more time on a lost cause? It is an interesting process...and by "interesting" I think I mean depressing.

In other news, I continue with my stint as a homemaker. Props to all the stay-at-home-moms and housewives out there if you enjoy this type of life. Personally, I feel completely unproductive and useless. There is no glory in cleaning house and after you eat the cheddar biscuits you are back to square one. Completely and utterly mindless. If Ireland gave out work permits for any sort of job, I would take anything at this point. Unfortunately, the rules state it has to be a career-type salaried position of at least 12-months. Boo.