dublin eye

a couple dublin bikes + the custom house

 Is it called the Dublin Eye or the Dublin Wheel? Either way, I won tickets for 2 on the giant ferris wheel near the ocean on the east side of the city. It was the perfect excuse to take a leisurely 40 minute walk and enjoy the Docklands in the evening. I can't believe the gorgeous weather lately! 

I also won a trip on the Wheel in a private compartment for up to 6 people so I am saving that for when the fam visits this June. As hubs and I rode the Wheel, there was commentary with attractions to look at. I dont know if it was the dark or that I forgot my glasses, but it was just a huge blur of lights. Next time we'll go in the daytime.

anglo irish bank hq + butt bridge in the background. yes, for isaac butt.

the moon

convention centre dublin - n wall quay

giant glitter box, what are you for? can i go inside please?

dublin general warehousing near the 02 arena

pod loading dock

terror. did i mention that ferris wheels scare the bejeezus out of me?

calm + collected

so beautiful. do you think that cable is thick enough to hold us?

yes it's gorgeous. did you feel that? what is that noise?

safe back on the ground

some hot pink flower tree on the way home