ireland census

full page of the Ireland Census 2011

You can click on the pictures to see larger versions. I just thought those of you outside of Ireland might be interested in a peek at the census. It was meant to be filled out last night Sunday 10 April. Compared to the US census I filled out last year, I found the Irish version a little intrusive. Detailed health questions? What time I leave the house in the morning? How long I walk to work? I guess that's important for government provided services.

I was also rather amused by the options available for religion and ethnicity. I did some creative fill-in answers. I wonder how they will tabulate me? 

Irish vocab:                               "tick" = check, as in tick the box

ethnicity options

religion options

how very precise

evaluating my own health, i ticked 'vg' like the rest of the nation.

whoa stalkers

taking the 14.9% unemployment rate into consideration

do not include babies born after midnight. thanks.