so ready to ride this train

So hubs and I went to Waterford + Tramore for the weekend to see a show. The trip to Waterford on the train takes 2 hours 45 minutes from Heuston Station in the city centre. I was overjoyed to book tickets online using a special Tuesday discount last week. Then, all I did was show up at the station and retrieve them from an automated machine. €18 for two adults and we were on our way to the southeast corner of the bear. The whole weekend was loads of fun and seeing some green countryside as well as the ocean (!) did wonders for me. 

Aside from some cool street art and a few upcoming festivals, I can't see spending a ton of time in Waterford. Tramore was a hilly little beach town with surfers and kite boarders and a beach that reminded me of Mission Beach in San Diego. As gorgeous as the coast was, I am glad we live in Dublin with all the crazy people and mix of cultures. This was the first time that we were driving into the city and got that feeling of coming home. Home!

riding the rails

my main thought as i looked out the window

was that everything (including the lambies) looked

exactly how ireland should.

Waterford, Ireland

Waterford, Ireland

Waterford, Ireland