going away

extremely attractive photograph; a 9.9 on the scale

Now that I've made a decent amount of friends through the restaurant, it looks like they are all leaving the country. Some destinations are Peru, South Carolina, and Barcelona. South Carolina?...are you sure about that?! Well, it IS the setting for one of my favorite movies of all time called Shag. If Murtle Beach today is anything like 1989's rendition of a 1961 beachside dance party, then you've made a good choice.

On one hand I will miss my new buddies. On the other hand, we will never truly be apart since our short-term friendships can become long-distance stalking. Thanks, Facebook. In the very least, the mass exodus from Ireland is making for some memorable farewell parties.

this one is more like a 6.5--eyes closed, hideous background, awkward crouching, etc.