snacktime! summer in the city.

kind of like garbanzo crackers. tastes like a pretzel.

Today was a gorgeous day. It was 16°C. I am still not hip to the Celsius temperature scale, but I know that anything above 11 is pretty warm good enough to go without a coat. The internet says it was 61° F today. Ok so I thought it was a bit warmer. Who cares, it felt like the first day of summer. 

To celebrate the sunshine, I took my towel + sunglasses up to the rooftop of the building to read my new book. Instead of learning all afternoon, fate stepped in and I had a lovely little kip. As a result, I was also rewarded with a mini-tan.

Later, hubs and I tried out this recipe for baked garbanzo beans (chickpeas). You have to leave them in the oven for much longer than I was willing to wait. Although a bit soft, they were delicious. For best results, I recommend you start baking them before you are ravenously hungry.

A grab bag of Irish vocab words I've been corrected about in public recently. Fun:

"kip" = nap
"soya" = soy
"bum bag" = fanny pack
"fanny" = female frontspiece (arrested d joke)
"lift" = a ride in a car
"ride" = sexual connotation (really wish I could stop saying this one)
"drop the hand" = getting to 3rd base (or at least joking about it)
"debs" = Irish equivalent of prom