tummy nostalgia

only cheap sushi anywhere -YO! Sushi, Dundrum Town Centre

I'm sure I've harped on about missing Mexican food more than you can stand. Lately it's been more than just delicious burritos with tons of guacamole...mmm...but all kinds of food. I think my tummy is having a case of nostalgia for all the places I've lived before:

  • CA Bay Area (Chinese) - salt + pepper fish, garlic asparagus, fried tofu
  • San Diego (Japanese, Mexican) - miso, edamame, sushi, burritos, fish tacos, hot sauce
  • Madrid (Spanish) - tortilla de patata, manchego
  • MN Twin Cities (Vietnamese, Thai) - banh mi, spring rolls, pad see yew, som tum
Instead of lamenting the lack of food that I can't have, maybe I need to figure out what Dublin does right. So far, I know they have Italian down. Based on the number of nationals I've met here, I should probably go looking for Brazilian, Polish, and Mauritian food next.