hello, Ocean. so nice to see you again.

Dear Tramore,

You are a lovely little beach town. Thanks for the hour I spent staring at the ocean, watching surfers and the never-ending waves. Even though it was a bit chilly, I forgive you. I want to hang out at your crappy little carnival and play at your putt-putt golf course near the coastline. You also serve delicious chips at 3am. Thanks again for the free food when the chipper guy messed up my order. It made me feel like a stealth, chip-stealing ninja. I had an entirely pleasant time hanging out with you. Have a great summer. 


oh and Sunshine too. welcome.

"ringbuoy" = lifesaver


kite boarders and actual surfers. reminded me of Mission Beach, SD.

view from our hotel balcony


making eating motions at a blue cheese brownie-Seahorse Tavern, Tramore.


getting pink cheeks for the first time since spain