day trippin'

dreadlocks in the moonlight

We took a quick ride on the DART to spend the day in Dun Laoghaire and Sandycove. Technically, it was the beach. Hubs, Nathan, and I went to a local market to pick up a loaf of bread, some brie, stuffed olives, and pasta salad for a leisurely picnic. As soon as we found some big, flat rocks we were settled. 

Also, we spent a ridiculous amount of money on a box of strawberries. Seriously, it was €4 for a box of twelve. In fairness, they were the most delicious, tasty strawberries I've ever had. Giant cartoon strawberries--all shiny + sweet + juicy...mmmMMMmmm!

hubs + nathan

presbyterian church

me + 99 flake cone + paddywagon = tom haverford face

forty foot, no fishing - Sandycove

what is a tog?