good friday

no booze for you

Today is Good Friday, one of two days in the calendar year including Christmas when you cannot purchase alcohol in Ireland. Anywhere. Pubs are closed, restaurants wont serve a drop, and the local Tesco has barricaded the liquor aisle to prevent wild booze-hounds from pilfering bottles on such a sacred day. 

I heard whispers of so-called 'crucifixion parties' where people buy drinks the day before and hold house parties on Good Friday. I even read about one being held by Urban Outfitters--I guess a few years back they started holding a Good Friday Bash with a DJ in the clothing shop. Since nobody is allowed to sell alcohol, they gave it away and offered special discounts on all merchandise to the people who showed up. Hubs and I went to investigate and although there was none of the rumored booze, everything was 20% off so I bought a shirt. Basically the score on that outing is UO: 1 Alison: 0.

In other news, despite my own fashion advice and the best possible judgement, I also purchased clothing at a grocery store today. It's a Tesco brand leather pleather plastic jacket aaaaaaand at €17.50 I am in love. Feel free to judge me. Heck, I judge myself.

staying classy