not working...yet

pinchos + sangria @ Havana Tapas Bar -George's Street, Dublin 2

Folks keep asking if I'm working yet. The sad answer is no. I was supposed to start last Monday but I am still wading through the red tape. Here is the breakdown of my permit paperwork timeline:
  • March 14th: Habitat for Humanity Ireland calls me and offers the job
  • March 16th: I send my permit application forms to Habitat
  • March 25th: Habitat completes forms and I pick them up from the office
  • March 29th: I complete + send application, passport photos, and a hefty fee to the Department of Enterprise, Trade, & Innovation
  • April 1st: Application comes back in the mail, claiming I did not include a job description (I did)
  • April 2nd: I highlight the job description, place it in the front of the packet, type up a Table of Contents--to avoid confusion--and post again
  • April 6th: Email arrives confirming receipt of my app + hefty fee
  • April 10th: Still waiting
For whatever reason (the phone message says staff training but I presume that's code for 'budget cutbacks') the DETI no longer has office hours. They allow people to ring for information between 8am-12pm on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays. I am calling three times a week to check on my application. Today, the DETI website states they are processing applications from March 21st. This means they are at least 2 weeks away from mine. 

Oh and the best part about waiting? My employer needs to have a copy of my work permit before I can officially get on payroll and begin work. I've been told by Habitat that I need to start in 3 weeks or they might have to reconsider the job offer. Excellent. I am not freaking out at all.